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backup reporting, reporting, reporting

David Heremans shared this idea 8 years ago
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At this time, I'm looking at the new backup system as a black box. I would like to see better reporting.

in WHM, you have better reporting about when the stats ran than you have about something as vital as backups. I don't mind if the stats run a day behind. I do mind if I don't have reliable backups.

Please I'd like to see more reporting on this:

- individual backup status of all accounts (what has been backed up latest, and has it successfully been stored remotely?

- please also make this available on the MAIN configuration server using the API for ALL servers in the cluster. I believe all reporting should be made available on the main cluster server

- if backups are running behind (and we are at risk!), I'd like to se warnings in WHM when you access it.

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2 years and not a single comment.


I second this idea. I would love such an UI for that.

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