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Backup Retention Based on Account

gflamerich shared this idea 10 years ago
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Just started to use new Backup features with backup retention and notice that this will be pretty much powerful backup retention could be set on account basis.

We have plenty of clients, but maybe don't want any client to have a 14days backup retention, but others maybe we may offer 14 days or even 30 ...

Or could also be implemented on package .... but think it's neccessary to have the opportunity to set up different retentions for accounts/packages.

I'm pretty anxious to see this 1.38 on stable, maybe you can add this feature before that.

Just a note, in documentation features says weekly, but couldn't find any similar to this

"A visual calendar and organized check boxes allow you to run daily, weekly, or monthly backups"

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I support this, in fact have advocated an option to offer different backup options per user for a while now.

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