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Backup system remotely as well

David Heremans shared this idea 9 years ago


We are very happy with the new backup system, and making remote backups works like a charm as well. Thank you cPanel for finally giving us some much needed improvements to the backup system.

I do have one concern though that I hope you'll be able to provide a solution for.

When doing a local backup, you have 2 folders, being accounts and system. Apparently, only accounts are being stored remotely. This is fine, but is still a major risk.

Consider for example that a MySQL database of one of our clients was corrupt; in such a case, mysqldump will not be able to dump the data for the database, and the accounts backup will not contain a backup of the database. This is where system/dirs/_var_lib_mysql.tar.gz comes into play, as that is a complete backup of the mysql data direcory.

So we seriously need this to be backed up remotely as well.

I already opened a ticket for this, and the reply was that this was intentionally done because the system folder also contains sensitive data such as /etc/shadow and /root/.my.cnf.

I would very much like to see the option though that at lease the mysql data directory gets synced remotely as well. It's too important not to have a decent reliable backup of the databases of our clients.

Very much hoping to see some votes on this one, and hopefully the feature added to a future cPanel build.

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This one is also complete! In the configuration of a new backup destination you will find an option that reads "Transfer System Backups to Destination". Not positive when it was completed, but I'm going to mark this one as done, too!

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