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Backup User Selection by type of backup

dkTronicsCL shared this idea 4 years ago
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As a web-hosting provider, I would like to be able to choose what type of backup (daily, weekly, monthly) is enabled or disabled for each account. In this way, for example, we could deactivate the daily backup for hosting accounts that are very large, or that for some reason we are not interested in backing up daily and only weekly or monthly support is needed.

If you also add the information of the space in use of each account in "Backup User Selection" would be much better, because it would be easier to decide which account is enabled which type of backup.

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Thats exactly what i need...

Some accounts need to be more and more backups but some acounts dont have multiple backups (once in a months is enough)

But when you configure daily + weekly + monthly backup, then cpanel takes all types of backups for each account. Then we have 2nd disk quota problem...

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