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Bandwidth Reset - Day of Month Change

Ryan shared this idea 9 years ago
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Bandwidth Reset - Day of Month Change

It would be a great Idea to be able to change the day of the month that allowances are reset on the server. Currently every 1st of the month is the day when allowances like Bandwidth are reset.

If we was able to set it to a day that suites our needs (perhaps our global billing date - 13th for example) we could set the 13th for the day it's reset.

Support says:

Unfortunately, it

looks like the bandmin script itself is coded in such a way that is monthly

dependent and the data is monitored by how directories are created by the

script, which is more than just a simple integer change to make the reset

function of the script run on a different day. After consulting with two other

analysts, I've unfortunately been unable to find a simple fix for this


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I was just looking for this feature and googled to see if it existed, and it led me here. So I'm voting this up and replying a comment in hopes it will get noticed again.

I am wanting to reset my bandwidth stats to the same date that my Server Provider uses, so I can more accurately track bandwidth usage by when im actually billed for it

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