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BATV (Bounce Address Tag Validation) Check

Chris shared this idea 7 years ago
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BATV is a mechanism wherein an outgoing Email server adds a tag to the Envelope From address of all outgoing Emails. For example, if an Email address goes out with From address as <>, the Envelope From is changed to <>, where 'SBDGAUJ' is the added tag. This tag is generated using an internal mechanism and is different for each email sent.

If any bounce is received by the Incoming email servers, they are checked to see if the Bounce address has the proper tag (in above case 'SBDGAUJ'). If not, the email is rejected. BATV ensures that your Email users do not become a victim of bounce floods.

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I see this takes more than a year and I am interested in this functionality for my servers...


This feature request hasn't been picked up by any of our teams at this time, but if it does get picked up we'll be sure to update the status here.

I wanted to mention that the length of time a feature request is on the site has little to do with how quickly it gets implemented, unfortunately. There are many other factors that play into when a request is or is not implemented, including (but not limited to) internal interest, external interest, amount of work involved in the request, and available teams to work on it.

If we get any internal interest in this request, I'll be back!

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