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Be able to set the default number of lines in listings on pages like Forwarders and Subdomains

Patanjali shared this idea 7 years ago
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The default for these is 10. On large monitors, many more lines can be shown, such as 60 on my 4K monitor/TV.

Being able to show more lines by default would prevent the wasted time of updates compared to simply scrolling. For example, with the 40+ forwarders we have, if I add a forwarder that will be close to the end, I have to page four times.

Being able to view more, also means it is easier to check an entry in relation to others.

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It's particularly bad because changes to the number of lines selection are lost every time these list pages are reloaded. A setting would save me a lot of time when editing multiple items that are beyond the first 10.

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