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Add the ability to specify pagination items

Patanjali shared this idea 7 years ago
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While one can set the number of lines to display in pages like Forwarders and Subdomains, after updating, the number of lines goes back to the default 10, which often means having to update the number again to avoid the pain of multiple page loads.

I suggest that the number specified be remembered for the whole session, preferably avoiding using a cookie. By POST variable?

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Is there a better page-size default that you would prefer?


Hello Adam,

On my 4K monitor/TV, I can easily show 60 lines, which is more than the 40+ forwarders we have.

If people never had many more than that, I would say showing ALL of them is the best default, as it is much easier to scroll than page. I suspect system impact would be fairly minimal, given the amount of time one would actually be using them.

If someone is running significant numbers (1000s+) of items, they probably wouldn't use cPanel screens, but run reports programmatically.

If you want to put a figure on it, 100 is probably a good balance between convenience for those with small numbers, and preventing those with big numbers swamping a system.


Note that I also submitted two related requests:

a) Be able to set the default number of lines in listings on pages like Forwarders and Subdomains. All or 100 for that as well.

b) Multiple sort options for forwarders.


My preference is 100. We can specify hundreds, if not thousands of items, why not page-size default? It is a daily frustration.

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