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Being able to auto delete remote backup

Lucas Rolff shared this idea 8 years ago

As a system administrator I would like to have a checkbox in the Backup Configuration that says it should follow the rules for 'retain X backups' for remote systems as well.

Let's say I have the server to take backup weekly, and after the backup, it uploads to S3 using the S3 backend. Then I would like to only retain 1-2 weeks of backups in S3, so if I could check a box saying follow whatever interval is defined in the backup configuration.

Surely this should work for all remote backends that can be used, So FTP, SFTP, Webdev, and S3 (or whatever is possible).

This would save us for time either manually deleting stuff (most people don't) - or automating it using the lifecycle feature in S3.

And if novice people could use this - they would be able to save storage costs, because they would not store tons of backups remotely - and maybe they don't have the capability to script stuff for different backends (or simply not have the possibility).

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This is available in 11.46. Remote system backups are deleted based on the same rules as deleting remote user backups. Meaning, there is no separate control or configuration for this.

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