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Better and centralized logging of changes in cPanel/WHM

hseagle2015 shared this idea 10 years ago
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Better and centralized logging of changes in cPanel/WHM

It would be nice to have centralized logging facility (in single directory, e.g. /usr/local/cpanel/logs/) one might could find log files of all changes made in WHM/cPanel. For debugging purposes it would be great to have logs of common actions like adding/deleting domains (addon, parked, subdomains), creation/modification/deletion of e-mail accounts, forwarders filters, ftp accounts etc.

It would be great to have nice and clean log format so that the log files are easy to grep and parse. For example:

  1. Oct 14 04:42:59 cpanel user=alice action=login ip=123.456.789
  2. Oct 14 05:55:48 whm user=bob action=account '' created ip=123.456.789
  3. Oct 14 06:15:19 cpanel user=mike action=mailbox '' deleted ip=123.456.789
  4. Oct 14 06:15:28 whm user=bob action=account '' suspended ip=123.456.789
  5. Oct 14 11:55:48 cpanel user=sarah action=account '' password changed ip=123.456.789
  6. Oct 14 12:01:13 cpanel user=roger action=forwarder '' to '' created ip=123.456.789

With this kind of logging, sysadmins would much easier debug things - e.g. find out who and when changed password for e-mail address, removed addon domain etc.

I'm aware that there are dnsadmin logs, login logs etc. but they all lack specific information and unified log format for better overview of changes on the cPanel server.

Of course, for heavily used servers, sysadmins should be allowed to turn off this kind of verbose logging in Tweak settings or, even better, be able to choose which actions to log.

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Looking for the same feature. This will be very helpful while tracking actions.


Wow, an old request, amazed that more people haven't liked it!

I have a slightly different use case, but the principle is the same: logging of changes to WHM configuration settings:

date+time, setting before, setting after, user, IP.

Reason: sometimes settings change in WHM, and no-one knows why, who, or sometimes how. This is a bit embarrassing when a client asks us how and why something change on the server, and all we can reply is "no idea, impossible to tell".

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