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Better ClamAV Integration / Options (clamavconnector)

osirion shared this idea 6 years ago
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Currently, clamavconnector really only has one configuration option - and thats what scans you want to allow users to do. ie:

Scan Entire Home Directory

Scan Mail

Scan Public FTP Space

Scan Public Web Space

I would like to see more options available, such as:

- Integrate ClamAV into pureFTP to allow scanning of uploaded files

- Integrate ClamAV into exim to scan incoming/outgoing mail

- Notify admin on violations of the above

- Configure ClamAV to use clamscan or clamdscan

- Configure schedule to run a system wide scan

I know these are achievable through manual configuration, scripts, etc. But I would like to see these via the WHM so I dont have to manually edit files left right and center :)

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