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Better control of reseller privileges

Studio4web shared this idea 9 years ago
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As root system administrator I think that we need better control over reseller privileges.

Currently we can't allow resellers to change account main domain without allowing unlimited resources (disk, bw, mail, mysql, etc..).

Even if we disable creating accounts/packages with unlimited options, allowing account modifications we will allow circumvention of account creation limits, so at end we don't have any control over reseller accounts, and they can easily oversell our web server disk/bw resources even we have explicit disallow this via disabling options "Overselling Allowed" and disabling options "Allow Creation of Packages with Unlimited Diskspace" and "Allow Creation of Packages with Unlimited Bandwidth".

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I agree, although my concern is that allowing resellers to modify accounts also allows them to give accounts shell access, even though its been prevented on account creation and in packages. As I dont want resellers or their accounts to have shell, this is a major problem for me, and always has been.


I would like to allow Resellers to create their own packages, but be able to limit their overall usage of Accounts, Storage, Bandwidth, MySQL, Email accounts, Email storage, etc.

For example, I may create a Reseller Package that limits the Reseller's combined email accounts to 500 accounts. They may want to use 300 of those on a single account, and split the other 200 between 40 others.Currently the only way for me to limit a reseller's combined email total is to create a single package with an email account limit. Then I make it so this is the only package available for the reseller when settings up accounts. If I then limit the number of accounts so that I do not exceed the limit of total emails, I can control the total limit of email accounts a reseller is able to create within their combined accounts.

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