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better editing/sorting for SpamAssassin whitelist and blacklists

openaccess shared this idea 8 years ago
Open Discussion

Here is a recommendation to update the UI for editing whitelists and blacklists in SpamAssassin.

UI issue: The list gets sorted alphabetically (case sensitive too) without any indication, so if you added something at the end, it's not apparent that it worked unless you read through all the previous entries.

Request: mention in the caption that the list has been sorted, OR

simply don't sort it, OR some new UI for whether to sort it and how.

Note 1. The underlying storage ~/.spamassassin/user_prefs appears to maintain the original order of the entries without sorting, so sorting here is only cosmetic

Note 2. In a very similar whitelist/blacklist box used by BoxTrapper, you get one big edit field and it stores the order you entered them in.

Note 3. Editing here in general is awkward because after making changes you have to click 'go back' and then 'configure spamassassin' again, this could be a separate feature though.

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