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Better manageability for errors/issues with items in the Mail Statistics

keat63 shared this idea 4 years ago
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As a web-hosting provider, I would like for timestamps to be added to the error list in the “mail statistics summary” to make it easier to comply with GDPR and give more control over mail statistics.


In an attempt to keep our customer base clean and I guess help comply with GDPR, i've been closely monitoring 'Mail Statistics Summary' and particularly the list of errors 'Count - Error'

I've noticed that these errors do not show any time stamps, and as the errors are listed in alphabetic order, it eventually becomes impossible to use as a tool. After a few days, it becomes impossible to remember which errors have been investigated and which ones have not.

Can I suggest a feature request which gives more control over the mail statistics.

Maybe a simple calendar sorting tool would suffice.

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