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Better syntax validation when editing DNS zones

spaceman shared this idea 6 years ago
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As a server administrator I would like cPanel to add more validation and assistance to the DNS editor in WHM, helping prevent accidental mistakes from causing problems for my DNS server, and/or DNS cluster.


I believe that validation of edits to DNS zone files via WHM could be greatly improved. This would lead to less mistakes, and therefore happier end customers.

This could include "are you sure?" messages, with links to appropriate help text, if an edit could be ok, but doesn't look like it is.

I've been exposed to more modern, more user-friendly DNS editing services and they've found ways to make it much harder to make mistakes.

I'm guessing that purists would argue that if you're not confident using the as-is zone file editor in WHM, then you shouldn't be editing the zone file at all. I respectfully disagree :-)

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I second this request. Specially, I would like to add that the sysadmin should be able to limit certain actions from Tweak Settings, like the TTL to not being lower than X seconds (should default to 120 as min threshold) to avoid mistakes/mistypes/on-purpose fails.

The WHM's DNS editor is the same since a lot of time, so a revamping should be on the way :-)

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