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BoxTrapper Ease of Use Improvements

David Wills shared this idea 2 years ago
Open Discussion

As a cPanel user, I would like the ability to view a complete list of items in the review queue of BoxTrapper, as well global configuration for all emails including all dates so that I can review the queue without having to check back older dates manually.


I looked at the open ideas and don't see everything I'd like to see in BoxTrapper. One post suggested a global configuration for all email addresses. That would be good (and I will go back and Like this idea.

What I would also like to see is a complete list of all items in the review queue. Global for all emails, as above, but also including all dates. The midnight rollover for BoxTrapper is not the same as calendar time for me. So if I don't check the review queue in a few days, then I need to go back a few times to check older dates. And if this were implemented, then a "sort by" option on that page might also be useful.

Thanks for listening.


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