Bulk change/modify DNS Zone files

postcd shared this idea 2 years ago
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Please allow bulk/mass modification of domain zone files.

I mean when i want to change:


- www TTL

- A record TTL

- delete / replace some IP in records.

- maybe function to do quick backup/restore of all DNS records

maybe good if we can see the domains list and allow to tick all or tick with shift key so no need to do million clicks (like when i bulk change accounts IP, i have 200 accounts and i cant tick all but do 200 clicks.

TTL bulk modify is already done: Home »DNS Functions »Set Zone Time To Live (TTL)

but lacks modify "Minimum TTL" value and SOA "Expire" value (360000 - often reported by analyzers as too high)

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this could be very useful but should also include being able to edit or add MX record s(for when a backup MX server is added)


This feature would be a time saver when massive changes need to be done. I second this.


Big +1 here. I would like to see this implemented in the front-end too (at the cPanel level) to apply to all the client's zones under management