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bypass RBL check

farid ezzat shared this idea 3 years ago
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As a system administrator, I would like the ability to bypass RBL checks by domain, instead of by IP address, so that the process of adding a domain to an RBL whitelist becomes simpler.


Allowing to bypass RBL check by domain name not by IP Address, since one domain may use many mail servers to send an Email where I have to add them all to rbl whitelist .

if such a feature to bypass by the domain name that would make life easier :)

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I'm subscribed to third party rbl providers such as barracuda ,

Now domain tried to send me one email but since one of ip address is blacklisted

Then my server didn't accept email message

The current solution now to whitelist is to add all domain ip address in rbl white list

In exim configuration in whm ,

I'm requesting a feature where I can add only to rbl whitelist not up addresses

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