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Change all cPanel account password in one time

Tarak Nath shared this idea 3 years ago
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As a System Administrator, I want the ability to change all cPanel password in one time.

Why it's required:

1. Due to security reasons, we should change the password after a certain time.

2. If we have almost 1000 cPanel accounts on our one server and if we start to change all password manually then it will take huge time.

3. It will save time for all system administrator if they are working many servers and if there have so many cPanel accounts per server.

I have checked the thread on and but not getting complete solution [script or any option in WHM]. There was an issue with password synchronize with cPanel, FTP, and MySQL.

It will be a great help for all system administrator if cPanel team provide a complete script or a feather in WHM. Also requesting to you if possible then please save all new password in a TXT file with the following format: username:Pa$$word78

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i want to change all 20 emails in my cpanel passwords in one go. because im the only one using them, i just want to quickly change them to the same password.


While this topic is still under open discussion, it should be possible to do this with a UAPI call and a loop. You can find the details in the documentation for UAPI Functions - Email::passwd_pop under the "command line" example.


Sorry for the late response.

However my concern was for cPanel account's password not email accounts

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