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Change email username

darksky shared this idea 9 years ago
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Ability to just change the username of an email account - VERY helpful to those who wish to change their email accounts every few years due to spam. And especially helpful when that account has dozens of email forwarders going to it. The way it is now, one has to create an entire new account then move all the forwarders over. 'Would be much easier if one could simply edit the username of the email account.

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How is the username relating to spam you receive on that emailaccount.

The username of the account is always created as an emailaccount. That is the only connection I can see.

To change the username from lowercase_emailaddress to something different could help prevent bruteforce attacks. But if I remember it correctly a authenticated_id is in every email sent. So over time the username will be made public.


I think that this is not (only) about the system username, but instead

the mail address, and "username" refers to I would

really like to have a possibility to change the email addess part

without creating a new email user first.

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