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case CPANEL-24238: Change MX records pointing to old server to new server - transfer tool

LucasRolff shared this idea 3 years ago

As a System Administrator I want Transfer Tool to be a bit smarter in regards to MX changing so that it is less time consuming during migrations.

I happen to use an external spam filter (Spam Experts), whenever I disable the filter prior to migrations, it will set the MX to the hostname of the server (e.g. - when you then use transfer tool, it won't change the MX to

I'd like if there would be a possibility to match this a bit better where it would either change the MX if the MX is equal the hostname of the server, or if the value put in the MX resolves to the shared or main IP of the old server you transfer from.

The issue currently is, that I have to do a bulk `replace` in the bind files, increment the serial for all zones, and resync the files again to finish the migration.

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This has been completed with version 78, which is now in the CURRENT tier! Take a look at the overview of all features for Version 78 on the Release Site and see the full release notes on our documentation site.

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