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Change the default length and type, of the password generator.

PH-Jay shared this idea 8 years ago
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Is it possible to gave us a way to set the default length and type, of the passwords, for all the password generators, into cPanel & WHM.

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Good Feature, for the moment the 12length and with Symbols don't work every times with old softwares.

I want to change its in my Tweak Setting with 18 and no Symbols.



+1 for this feature. I would like to see the option to set the minimum & maxium password length for password generator between 8-18 not 10-18 as is currently the case. The generator should also avoid returning charcters easily mistaken for other letters/characters. Eg: lI|0oO. Following this guideline only uppercase "L" should be generated in passwords. A user should still be able to enter any letter/character but the generator should not return these ambigous characters. Especially considering font selection may also alter appearance of password generated.

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