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Choose which type of backup (daily, weekly or monthly) is transferred to the Additional Destination

dkTronicsCL shared this idea 4 years ago
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As a web-hosting provider and server administrator, I would like three options in the configuration of the additional location, that allow us to decide what types of backups were transferred to the remote location.

Currently you can check the option "Transfer System Backups to this Destination", then I would like to add three additional options:

  • Transfer Daily Backups to this Destination
  • Transfer Weekly Backups to this Destination
  • Transfer Monthly Backups to this Destination

In this way, you get a very important functionality because you can have different additional locations for each type of backup. So for example we could add an additional location via FTP to just copy the weekly backups, and another different location to copy the monthly backups, and keep local only daily backups. Different configurations can be generated as needed by each server.

(This idea may be similar to others that have requested for this topic, but I'm worried about not seeing cPanel's interest in them (they keep on "open discussion"). For this reason I wanted to be very specific in what is required; It is a simple modification that can be added to the backup system and that generates a great benefit.)

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I like to keep local backups for quick restores and S3 for weeklies. It would be nice to have separate retention and schedules for the other destinations, it's getting expensive transferring and storing terrabytes of data in the mid week backups.


Hey cPanel, how many more price increases so that they pay attention to the backup system? And please don't mention jetbackup, I don't see any point in raising the price and having to pay separately for basic features.

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