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Clicking link in cPHulkd blacklist/white E-Mails, having to log back in

cPanelKyle shared this idea 5 years ago
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Opened on behalf of a customer. For tracking purposes, ticket 7601307.

The issue is that when I click on a link in the email telling me that there has been a large number of break-in attempts, and I want to blacklist that IP address. The first time I click on this it asks me to log in, and Chrome saved my credentials so I just have to hit Enter. The second time I click on a link, it says my session is invalid. This is annoying, because I don't care about session credentials, I'm just trying to prevent IPs from attacking my surface.

So, the feature request is this: have the URL also include a "log out the current user" directive, so that when I click on a link that is in an email from cPanel, it is deterministic: click the link, hit Enter, and I'm done.

The way it currently exists, I need to actually type the root user's password at that form, since Chrome doesn't recognize that form. (So there's another potential fix -- make that form match the other one that Chrome does recognize; the goal is to make my experience using your emails deterministic, rather than frustrating.)

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