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Cloudflare Plugin Inside cPanel

Jason Jersey shared this idea 6 years ago
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I'd like to see cPanel integrate better with Cloudflare, such as releasing an official plugin within cPanel for easier and quicker installation.

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There's no need. CloudFlare already has an official plugin -


Not all webhosts use Cloudflare, we don't because it would make websites slower for local users.

Is Cloudflare missing any hooks or api features to make their plugin work well ? If so I agree that they should be added so any CDN supplier can easily integrate with cPanel, however I don't think cPanel should develop Cloudflare's plugin for them.


Cloudflare will no longer be updating our cPanel/WHM plugin and it is soon going to be marked end of life.

It won't work on cPanel 88, because cPanel API 1 framework will be removed

So we are left with no options regarding Cloudflare integration whatsoever.

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