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Cluster Status Page

Darrell Benvenuto shared this idea 7 years ago
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As a small to medium cPanel Hosting Company, I would like the ability to view, at-a-glance, the health of all my cPanel servers and DNSONLY Server Cluster from a single interface in WHM.


This interface would show the state of all of the cPanel Servers in the cluster (one per line), with simple on-the-line load indicators covering core stats (CPU Load, Bandwidth Use, Memory Use, etc), which would transition from Green to Amber to Red at various levels of Load as they approached 100%, along with the state of the services running on the platform, using familiar status indicators (Green / Amber / Red).

The per-server lines, when clicked on, should slide down to provide additional detail on that particular server (similar to the Improved Service Status page, posted earlier). This page would be performing dynamic updates every few seconds, rater than requiring a reload. This would allow Server Administrators who keep this view continually open on a display the ability to monitor all of their servers at the same time and rapidly take action in the event of any issues.

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