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Complete email server cluster support

Mikko Kivinen shared this idea 6 years ago
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cPanel needs to provide full email clustering so we can provide redundant email service to our clients.

  1. Support for multiple MX
  2. Support login to email using a centralised hostname / address with emails available from multiple servers, providing high availability and access to email even if one server is offline

This is important as many free email service providers can do this but paid cPanel hosting cannot. It's getting difficult to justify to users why free email services can accomplish high availability but paid cPanel based hosting can't.

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This seems like something close to a logical step after we complete the MailOnly request, but it would take a significant amount of effort to achieve. Definitely something we're interested in hearing from users on.


I very much like this idea. Was looking at other suppliers that give all of their customers for and wondering how they managed 1000+ servers behind a single address.

We would very much like to have a cluster system like this.

I agree that this would be alot of work but it would defenetly help with horizontal scaling. We were thinking about getting servers with a large amount of disk space for e-mails but a high availability cluster woud be even better.

I thinks this feature would require that cPanel mailonly be built with this in mind so cPanel could then improve cPanel mail only to turn it into a multi server cluster.


I like the idea. Nevertheless, I see a potential problem by enabling such a feature: if some users misbehave and practice a bit of spam and your IP get blacklisted, all your email userbase will be blacklisted as well, generating a rush of support tickets due to their emails returning as bounces.

I have to delist some of our 40 IPs almost 3 times every month. I wonder how bad could it become if all our users' email accounts are sit in one and only server, all under the same IP address. Hint: RBL's hate recidivists :-)


We use spamexperts for outgoing e-mail, we specify which IP's are used and have spare IP's in case of a blacklisting problem. We rarely get blacklisted thanks ti this.

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