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Concurrent backup creation and ftp upload

Robert Saul shared this idea 8 years ago
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It would appear a new update has changed the non-legacy ftp backup system to create all backups before attempting to upload them, instead of uploading each as soon as it's created, as it was doing before. While I understand that this may have performance benefits, it causes massively more disk space to be taken up on the local machine, since it must wait before uploading and flushing backup files. This has severe repercussions for customers already using more than half their disk space, and for hosts using a vz shared space environment.

I request that the choice between waiting until all backups are completed to upload, and uploading as soon as each backup is created, be given to us. Preferably as an option in the backup configuration in whm.

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Thank you for pointing this out. I think what you are asking for makes perfect sense. I am curious if you think having this as a configurable option is really needed? In other words, would there be users that would want the current behavior (which needs much more disk space)?


I am always of the opinion that not every solution works for everyone. It was not this way before and someone turned it on for a reason, I would assume. Therefore, turning it back to the previous method undoes what they tried to do. Giving the option keeps everyone happy.

This is the response I got in my cpanel ticket about this subject initially:

"I think the reason it was implemented this way is because with the old way it would make the backup process run longer (thus causing the server to potentially become overloaded with the spike in resources for a longer period)."

That may be a valid reason for some people, but the space usage is a much higher priority for me, and probably a lot of customers on vz shared architecture.


Addendum: What about a third option that blends the two. Make a backup, then upload it, then only move onto the second backup when the first is off the server.

That keeps the space down even more, and stops backups and ftp from running at the same time.

I would preferably see an option to choose any of these three options somewhere in the backup configuration in whm. They each have their uses and one is not always better than the other.


PLEASE REFER HERE as this is a similar (or duplicate) feature request, or possibly a bug, depending on your point of view:

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