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Configure a global default value for php-fpm max_children for all accounts

Morten shared this idea 6 years ago
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Horde/Squirrelmail and other cPanel services do not function when server reached max_children setting (25) for php-fpm. This happends if the customers have alot of users logged in and they reach the limit.

The solution now is to edit /var/cpanel/php-fpm.d/username.conf, but it would be great to have a global configuration so we don't have to change for each user.

As stated here:

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This is needed because when you have clients with huge mail accounts, the webmail login seems to be affected and takes a very long time.

Upon investigations via ticket it was concluded that php limits are reached and there is a huge delay,up to 40-50 seconds when logging in to some accounts.

This is in case of clients that have many gigabytes of mails and many accounts like 20-30 and they mostly use webmail

Smaller accounts do not have a problem.

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