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Configure nameservers for non-reseller account

Mike shared this idea 5 years ago
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I want to be able to set the nameservers for a standard (non-reseller) cPanel account. Any domain within this account (e.g. primary domain, addon domains, alias domains) will then be configured with the relevant NS records.

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Okay, our use case is probably a bit unusual. We're creating our own reseller control panel which deploys customer's accounts on any number of servers (for various reasons which are outside the scope of this post).

We want to let customers use their own nameservers and have this reflected in their DNS zones, just like a normal WHM Reseller account would support. The problem is, there's no way to set the default nameservers for a cPanel account's DNS zones.

Currently we're thinking about using hooks to pick up new zone creations and replace the NS records with the correct ones for the relevant customer if necessary. Just seems a bit messy (editing zones isn't great with the WHM API either). cPanel could deal with this for us by having a nameserver configuration at the cPanel user level although I respect the fact that most people probably don't need such a feature.

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