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Configure "Number of failed or deferred messages" setting per cPanel account.

cpforestk shared this idea 8 years ago
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There is a way to set the following email restrictions per account:



As explained in this documentation:

I would like the option to configure this tweak setting per account as well:

"Number of failed or deferred messages a domain may send before protections can be triggered"

It is apparently only configurable on a server basis at the moment, and I am requesting greater functionality of this setting.

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I too would like this feature.

After raising a ticket with cPanel on the subject they referred me to this feature request.

We are happy with the server wide setting except for two accounts. Those two accounts send out newsletters. If we raise the server wide settings to suit those two accounts we then lose the tighter control we wish to maintain over all the other accounts on the server.


This must be implemented soon.

Server wide settings are fine, but we have individual accounts on which we want to set higher limits than the defaults and we can't do it.

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