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Confusing Password Disambiguation (Is it an i or an l or a 1?)

Bryan Riester shared this idea 6 years ago
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Aren't you sick of users coming back to you with an auto-generated password, unable to enter it correctly because humans have issues telling an I from an l?

An easy fix is to spell it out for them, like this:


Your password follows. Below it are any confusing parts written out for your convenience.



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Excellent request! I actually wrote my own generator in PHP just because cPanel's generator was doing what you described. It would be great if this problem was solved.


Ever have to reset all passwords in an entire domain?

Copy/paste is the only option for several hundred new passwords.


So here's the latest revision of our password input field and generator (this is when the generation options are expanded). This appears in only a few places in the product right now, but should be slowly rolling out across the product as we get to interfaces and update them. ca7525b49d9103ccab5ec143c7afb853

I don't believe that it avoids the visual collisions of characters like you're talking about though (another product manager may have to chime in with specifics about it).

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