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Count e-mail redirections towards max hourly e-mails (optionally)

Silent Ninja shared this idea 4 years ago
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As a SysAdmin I would like to have forwarded e-mails count towards the max hourly emails.

When a user sets up their gmail / hotmail account as a forwarder for a cPanel e-mail account, and then that account is spam-bombed or (more commonly) a bot gains access to the account and sends a lot of spam, the bounces (from the spam sent) is forwarded to Gmail which blocks it due to spam, and thus a new bounce is generated which gets forwarded again... and so on.

An easy fix for this particular case would be to count forwarded e-mails towards the hourly limit and, even though this doesn't fix the issue, it will be more contained. This could be best as a configurable option on the Email Configuration or Tweak Settings.

This should also help with backscatter issues... which is pretty much what I'm describing here actually.

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This is particularly annoying for anyone using a remote service like MailChannels, SpamExperts, but it also causes delay on valid e-mail deliveries


An alternative fix would be to disallow remote forwarders (given that POP import is available on most providers nowadays)

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