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cPAddon Support for ClassicPress, a WordPress alternative

Tim Hughes shared this idea 2 years ago
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As a developer, I would like cPAddon support for ClassicPress (a WP alternative) so that I am able to use and offer a Gutenberg-Free WordPress alternative to clients via cPanel.



As a long-time user and developer of WordPress, the CMS has been my platform of choice for many years. However, that changed recently when WordPress introduced Gutenberg, the new block editor.

Having asked several of my clients to test drive Gutenberg for a few weeks, the resounding conclusion was that it made editing more difficult. It did not go down well and, it has to be said, it’s no secret that it is also very unpopular among the wider WordPress community.

I fully accept that many people do like Gutenberg which is fine. This feature request is primarily aimed at those people who find that Gutenberg doesn't work well for them.


There is a perfectly viable alternative without having to install the Classic Editor plugin but I suspect that this is not well known outside of the WordPress community.

ClassicPress is a community-led fork of Gutenberg-free WordPress. It is actively developed and the community is enthusiastic. It looks like WordPress and most, if not all, existing plugins work on ClassicPress. In addition, there are firm plans to develop ClassicPress even further and enhance its functionality.

How can cPanel help?

What I would like to see is a ClassicPress cPAddon similar to the one for WordPress.


A cPAddon would help cPanel users to install and manage ClassicPress in the same way many already use the existing cPAddon for WordPress. Moreover, it would make it more widely known amongst cPanel users that there is a viable alternative to Gutenberg-based WordPress.

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I am the lead developer of ClassicPress. As a fork of WordPress with minimal changes so far, our installation process is the same as WordPress and we are fully compatible with WordPress 4.9.x. We will be happy to provide any needed information or assistance with this feature request.

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