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cPanel Account error_log Log Rotation

osirion shared this idea 3 years ago
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As a Web Hosting Provider, I would like new feature, so that the error_logs generated for cPanel Accounts in their various directories can get rotated.

A setting under WHM > 'Tweak Settings' for example, to set the maximum size of a cPanel Account error_log file which gets adhered to.

I've seen customer based script solutions to this and cron/cli options too - but feel it should be included in WHM as basic and healthy server maintenance. No point in customer log files clogging up disk space unecessarily.

Typically an administrator can contact a customer to get the issues corrected, but in my experience, customers ignore such requests - most often because they are not technically inclined and/or don't want to pay their web developer to fix a non-critical/fatal issue. I dont feel its the web hosts place to just delete error_log files either - so having a solution where only the old entries get removed maintaining an acceptable file size is the best solution for all.

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