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cPanel Hardened Kernel for Centos 7.x - to prevent symlink attacks

uk01 shared this idea 7 years ago
Needs Review

As a server administrator I would like cPanel to provide a hardened kernel for CentOS 7 similar to the one provided for CentOS 6, in order to help secure my server against symlink attacks and to resolve the Security Advisor alert on CentOS 7 servers.

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I still see no answers here... EA4 keeps sending warnings through maldet that the system is vulnerable and I believe that most system administrators (especially when setting up new servers) use centos 7 nowadays.


Yes I wish they'd do this as I can't find a solution to sym links using Centos 7, suphp etc. The only solution is to turn on the bluehost option, which is not recommended. A hardened kernel would be perfect.


Yes, highly recommended to secure the world and safe internet.

It is requested to provide cPanel Hardened Kernel for CentOS 7 by default instead of BlueHost including container base systems like OpenVz etc.


Hi all! It looks like our update to this post got lost in the failure earlier this year. We won't be providing a kernel update for symlink attacks and the cPanel provided hardened kernel has been deprecated. We recommend that you install CloudLinux's KernelCare offering. You can read more about it in our blog post from October 2017:

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