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cPanel results and items per page: Set serverwide default & allow

Nathan Lierbo shared this idea 9 years ago
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Remember Display Limit for All Screens in cPanel Interface

If a user changes the "Results per page" on a screen in the cPanel interface, for example: from 10 to 50, that setting should be remembered for the next time the cPanel user visits that page. Furthermore, this preference should now be applied to all cPanel pages where this setting is present.

This preference should be stored in the non-volatile datastore on the cPanel/WHM server rather than just a client-side cookie, to preserve this preference across multiple machines.

This preference should be ignored in the mobile style, resulting in the default of 10 results per page. This is since the mobile style is used on bandwidth-constrained devices such as mobile phone connections.

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I guess most people that are affected by the inability to set this default are end-users, and not the server administrators that are on this site, thus the low votes. As both a server admin AND an end-user, I find the inability to set the number of items per page to be EXTREMELY frustrating and time-wasting.

All you have to do is try to use cPanel and work on email forwarding for a customer that has more than 10 email forwarders, and you will soon see how ridiculous it is, that a larger default can't be set (or remembered).


We are talking about this request in our UI 'birds of a feather' meeting going on right now. Some behind-the-scenes work is heading into the product (starting in v63) heading in this direction.


Adam, this is super news, thank you very much for your efforts!! I realize this is one of those features that looks super easy to implement at the surface, but there is a lot going on under the hood to actually make it work. I'll be super excited to see this in action!!

- Scott

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