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cPanel should provide tools necessary to identify the source of outgoing spam

William L shared this idea 6 years ago
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As System Administrator, I would like WHM/cPanel to provide the information necessary to identify potential spammers(excessive mailers) on my server as well as the method of authentication in a simple interface, not unlike the Mail Queue Manager interface.

Without this feature:

  • Users must investigate via root SSH.
  • Users must have a strong understanding of scripting on the command line or use potentially disastrous/malicious/inaccurate commands found online.
  • Users must have a strong understanding of the exim log.

While I understand cPanel can't identify all spammy behavior, the techniques to identify spam on exim/cPanel systems has been relatively the same over the past ~10 years:

  • Sorting email address' by authentication.
  • Sorting sendmail's CWD by path.
  • Sorting by user when sent via 'authenticated_local_user'

Ideally, this interface would link the Administrator to appropriate documentation or functions to mitigate the excessive mailing, such as the 'suspend_outgoing_email' function or password change functions.

I would be happy to see this feature set integrated into the existing eximstats/Queue Manager backend/interface. This would provide a great service to Administrators who find themselves in the difficult situation of diagnosing and regaining control of their server when suspected of sending spam or excessive mailing; which is an all too common occurrence in the industry for cPanel to ignore.

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"View Mail Statistics Summary" does a good job of indicating abusive behavior if your cPanel server administrator knows how to use it.

Furthermore, "with great power comes great responsibility" - whomever has root access shouldn't be blindly pasting commands from the internet.

Finally, if the methods for detection haven't largely changed, then simply document the process or bash script(s) to automate those checks and tasks.

I'm all for cPanel making administration easier, but, this is administration 101 stuff and IMHO cPanel devs have much higher priority items to work on.

Not trying to poo poo your request, just giving my .02 as a cPanel admin with over 8 years in.

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