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cPanel to remotly create account on a IIS server

Daniel Berthiaume shared this idea 5 years ago
Needs Review

This is a long shot!

Knowing that Enkompass failed because the entire structure was built under Windows environment, I would suggestion the ability of using a CentOs cPanel installation to remotely control an IIS 8.X servers and eventually more!

Odin (AKA Plesk) took this approach for offering the ability to control multiple servers from the same platform.

This would suggest that the cPanel server would be able to control multiple servers instead of being an “All in one” installation.

I assume that the first step would be to control an Apache, MariahDB, PowerDNS and Mail Server (Dove + EXIM) remotely, but this could be extended with the ability of controlling NGINX, IIS, SMARTERMAIL, MS Exchange, etc…

To know where to provision a newly created account, in the Package Manager, we could specify the appropriate server EX:

Hosting : NGINX

Mail : Exim-Dovecot

DB : MariahDB

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