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cpbackup parse userskip file AFTER precpbackup

alwaysweb shared this idea 10 years ago
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We have cpbackup configured to use the /scripts/precpbackup script.

We are actually updating the /etc/cpbackup-userskip.conf file with precpbackup, but this is not being applied because the userskip file is being read BEFORE the precpbackup script gets a change to run:

Line 274... of /scripts/cpbackup:

if ( open my $userskip_fh, '<', '/etc/cpbackup-userskip.conf' ) { while (<$userskip_fh>) { chomp; $SKIPUSERS{$_} = 1; } close $userskip_fh;}

line 491 of /scripts/cpbackup:

system '/usr/local/cpanel/scripts/precpbackup';

Fixing this is simple. Please either:

1) Move the userskip loading after line 491.


2) Run precpbackup at the top of the script BEFORE userskip gets read.

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