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cphulk add detail information and add button block or whitelist in history report

Irwanto shared this idea 7 years ago
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i have enabled cphulk and found many failed attempt. i read some email like this :

  1. This notice is the result of a request made by a computer with the IP address of “” through the “pure-ftpd” service on the server.
  2. A reverse DNS lookup on the remote IP address returned the host name “”.
  3. The remote computer’s location appears to be: China (CN).
  4. The remote computer’s IP address is assigned to the provider: “Putian city a broadband internet domain Fujian Province”
  5. The remote computer’s network link type appea
  6. rs to be: “IPIP or SIT”.
  7. The remote computer’s operating system appears to be: “Windows” with version “XP”.
  8. The system generated this notice on Friday, September 23, 2016 at 4:24:07 PM UTC.

my hope feature request is :

  1. Could you add country IP and provider sender in history report.we are use ID indonesia country, if there are different country is suspicious
  2. Add button "add to blocked" and "add to whitelist" beside IP history to easy add.
  3. Could you add some information such :- engine sender- isp provider sender- detail user computer/ computer name/ip user (if possible)because in small office using ADSL/FTTH modem, when one user client failed, whole all user using same internet modem is blocked. i want find computer user caused it.


This cphulk very usefull for me to avoid bruteforce

i think this feature is very easy to add

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