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cphulk configurable ban time

porcupine shared this idea 3 years ago
Open Discussion

As a System Administrator, I would like to be able to manually configure ban lengths in cphulk so that I can specify the length of the ban on a case-by-case basis as needed.


Various google/forum searches indicate cphulk used to support (firewall) bans of 2 weeks long, which has now been downgraded to 1 day from what I can see in the interface.

Why not make the ban times user configurable? Just let the user specify how many hours they want the entry in place for it's a trivial change given the software is just tossing timestamps into the DB, but adds appreciable user functionality where the default time values just don't work for a given use case (IE: a botnet brute-forcing SSHD with tens of thousands of hosts, but appreciably long gaps [10-30mins] between each IP's attempt).

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