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Create an option in WHM Contact Manager Notifications for daily update logs to once again be emailed

alpinist shared this idea 4 years ago
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As a systems administrator, I would like the daily update cron as a selectable option in WHM so that I am able to review this log email for cPanel version updates.


cPanel v82 changed the daily update CRON so the log could no longer be mailed to root. Manually setting it back by editing crontab fails because the edit is automatically reversed during each update. This was supposedly an issue fix: "Fixed case CPANEL-26113: Suppress unwanted output during scheduled upcp runs which would mail the configured system contact."

Instead, it should be a selectable option in WHM Contact Manager.

Receiving the update log via email is very useful. It lets the server admin know when there has been a cPanel version update. It serves as a reminder to log into WHM, read the Change Log, News, check Security Advisor, reboot if necessary, and do other general checks & updates. The update log will often list errors and warnings that can be helpful to know about even when the overall update has been successful. It's much more efficient to scan the emails vs. having to log into lots of servers to check the update logs.

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