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CRON jobs: Ability to run a cron job on the fly.

chud37 shared this idea 6 years ago
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As a cPanel user it would be nice to run CRON jobs just by clicking a button inside the the , rather than having to change the time to the current time if I need to test something out. Next to the Edit and Delete buttons could be 'Execute'.

It is labourious to have to log in to PuTTy to issue a simple command.

Also, having the server time displayed somewhere on the CRON page would be helpful too.

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This will make our life a lot easier if we could just press a button to run the cron jobs manually as well in case we need to restart a job


As the feature request is currently, it is not possible to implement. Having a button that implies that you are testing the cron cannot and will not be accurate if the button simply runs the command upon pressing the button. Running a command manually (via pressing a button, or manually running a command) is NOT the same thing as letting cron run the command, and you'll find if you do it enough that there are situations where running a command and letting cron run the command will provide different results. If you need to actually test cron, you must set the cron to a certain time and then check the result after cron does what it was told to do.

The original requester mentioned this:

> It is labourious to have to log in to PuTTy to issue a simple command.

So it seems that the motivation behind this is to ease the ability to test a command out which requires SSH, which is not the same thing as testing a cron.

An alternative feature request could be made to request an easy way to run/test a command but it would be important to make a distinction that testing a command this way is not testing the cron.

Maybe the feature request could even be edited to request a button that would copy the selected cron command and schedule it to run one minute from the current time. That would serve as an accurate way to test the cron, but a button that just runs the command is not a test of the cron.

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