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Customise Disk Usage / Bandwidth Warning Message

sol2012 shared this idea 9 years ago
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It would great to be able to modify the disk usage warning email message (bandwidth and email quota notifications too) so that it is a bit more friendly.

Specifically, I would like to be able to add my own support article knowledgebase link and sign off text.

I have tried the various suggestions posted on the forums to be able to modify these messages by moving the files and editting them, however this appears not to work.

Please add this ability!


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Hi guys, this thread has 7 years old. I cant believe this was not implemented yet.

Please this is a vey important function that help Host Companies do handle customers plan upgrade since many of them complain about "english notifications" that are not a friendly language for non english speakers. This notificatios helps to alert customer and put the host companie on the side to negotiate when notifications are well done.


I think they should give access to translate all messages to customers, menus, etc. on cpanel. The original translations are poorly... :-(


This is a must!


I know its editable my source files, but it would be great to doit using the GUI.

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