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Customizable Icon Box on cPanel User level Home Screen

Erin Rasmussen shared this idea 7 years ago
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Proposed solution:

It would be nice to have a box at the top of the cPanel Home Screen where new users can drag icons for the tasks that they need. If they don't drag anything

there it can be pre-populated with frequently accessed tasks: eg. email accounts, Web mail, File Manager, Logs. or pre-set by the reseller. Blank would actually be better, but I've noticed some resellers are more enthusiastic about customizing the interface.

To solve this problem:

I find that new users get confused by the CPanel home screen, and have difficulty finding the email icons and other features they need to get started, so they bail out. They are too impatient for the Getting Started, and the Find tool is invisible to them.

(The Stats side up, is a part of the interface that I love, but my new customers find intimidating and overwhelming so they don't look at anything on the sidebar). This is on the more 'classic' interface. This is just my informal UX testing, of web site owners that I work with. You may want to do some UX testing to see if it would actually work.

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Agreed this would be nice! It’d only require a very simple mechanism, for example:

If the config exists (set by the reseller initially and/or set by the user by dragging items to it) show those items.

If the config does not exist show the last N items they went to (or nothing if that makes more sense)

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