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DDNS whitelist in cpHulk

nobodyfamous shared this idea 8 years ago
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For users with Dynamic IP addresses. Allow the use of a DDNS domain/FQDN as a whitelist.

Step one, use a service provided by one of many DDNS providers (DynaDNS,, etc)

Step two, list FQDN as white list, ex.

I think you would require a few settings as well to optimize the feature, ex. how often cpHulk would "look up" the IP of the FQDN. You can set it to match that of the DDNS providers update frequency, or set it for daily. Perhaps do it on a cron job so you can sync the time with when your computer reboots, or just after your IP would normally rollover/timeout/refresh.

I would suggest a separate list for FQDN/DDNS's rather than include them in the existing IP list.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Possabilities?

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Its great if cPanel can implement this future for cPHulk :) hope it'll come soon.


What would be ideal is an option in cphulk to whitelist an IP on successful login. My problem is 15 people run outlook mail in an office using the same IP behind a NAT Firewall. So if 1 user has his outlook mis-configured with the wrong password & keeps clicking send/recieve, the IP gets blocked, which blocks the whole office. I can't whitelist the IP long term since they have a dynamic IP. It would be great if I could set cphulk to whitelist an IP for a period of time when a user logs in & even better if you could set this per domain or user. That way users 1-9 login OK & then 1 guy fails login a bunch of times because he forgot his password, the whole office will not be blocked. I could even settle for the option to run a command upon successful login.


Yeah we need this. CSF has this feature, however cPHulk misses it.


I like this idea. It would be very useful if you don't have a static IP.

I hope it will be implemented soon.


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