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Default virtual hosts for all IP addresses, regardless of being assigned to a reseller or being the 'main shared IP'.

MikeDVB shared this idea 11 years ago

cPanel as it functions now only applies a default Apache (httpd.conf) Virtual Host to IP addresses that are either the 'Main Shared IP' or 'Reseller's Shared IP'. This means that any sites placed on a dedicated IP do not have a *default* virtual host and more troubling, if you rotate out main shared IPs to distribute accounts - only the last one you set will have a default virtual host.

I do understand that many providers don't change the 'main shared IP', but over the last 5 years we've found that DDoS attacks happen, it's not a question of IF but WHEN and if we need to null-route, it's best if all customers are not on the same IP.

As a result, we do occasionally change the 'main shared IP' so that new accounts are created on a new IP. Functionally this works fine with Apache, the only issue is cPanel.

This could be an option in the tweak settings (i.e. for those who don't want them or need them, they don't have to enable it). The option could be something along the lines of "Create a default virtual host for all IP addresses." with a description like, "By default only the main shared IP and IP addresses shared by resellers will have default virtual hosts."

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it is related to this, and there should also be an option to list several ip addresses as shared, and distribute new accounts to least used IP addresses.

we also try to limit the number of accounts on an IP to about 15-20, another consideration being the mail IP reputation.


That would save us a LOT of time on some circumstances, and should be considered and implemented, with other ideas similar to this we can find the features request.

Any chance we could get it any time soon? When?



This was resolved some time ago, and you can now use all cPanel services on all IPs, and you see the default VHost on all IP addresses. I'm going to mark this as complete, but let me know if you have any reason to believe it's not!

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