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Disable 2FA PIN code input for iOS app when TouchID is enabled

ptooey shared this idea 5 years ago
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As a cPanel user, I would like the 2FA PIN code disabled when authenticating with TouchID (iOS) because both mechanisms serve the same purpose of authenticating the user attempting to access cPanel from the mobile device.

A user's legitimacy would already be verified by the actual setup of TouchID on the device they are trying to connect from, so the extra step of cPanel's 2FA becomes redundant.


It's tedious having to authenticate yourself twice logging in to your domain's cPanel with PIN code 2FA when you've enabled the TouchID option.

Why can't the device's TouchID authentication be enough to nullify the need for the repeated PIN code input per login?

I understand this cPanel app is just a glorified web browser, so I'm not sure how difficult it is reconfigure cPanel to hook 2FA into the TouchID API instead, but doing so will make this app feel more native and likewise more useful than it currently is.

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