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Disable certain proxy subdomains in DNS. Especially WHM.domain.tld

Morten shared this idea 4 years ago
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As a root or reseller user I would like to be able to define which proxy subdomains are created for accounts on my server, in order to limit the number of subdomains domains that exist for my customers, and prevent having to explain to customers why subdomains that they don't use are created. For example, none of my cPanel users need to have the whm. proxy subdomain.


As a webhost provider not providing reseller option as I guess many others do not provide we would like to have whm.domain.tld dns records from being created.

When you create an account for domain.tld it will also create whm.domain.tld and for each subdomain created.

Customers are regulary complaining about all the proxy subdomains that are created when they move to us and have email hosted elsewhere.

And all these "extra" proxy subdomains will just create more work to remove.

There should be a option in Tweak Settings where we can choose which proxy subdomains should be created.

We would remove whm for all our customers.

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You can already remove them using the Zone Templates

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